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  • Carbonless Paper Market Assessment Covering Growth Factors and Upcoming Trends till 2027 End

    The demand for paper bags is expected to increase in Asia Pacific with increasing awareness and government initiatives. Paper packaging in Japan is gaining popularity, especially in the food and beverage sector with higher awareness of plastic pollution. Moreover, a ban on plastic bags in India is creating a huge opportunity for specialty papers manufacturers. India’s paper demand is expected to rise in the coming years due to the modern retailing and growing consumerism.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Cotton Knitted Fabrics Market Strikes Surging CAGR Growth during Assessment Period

    Knitted fabrics is a type of elastic textiles that are manufactured by interlocking yarns with the help of a pair of needles. Knitted fabrics can be manufactured by two principal methods – weft knitting and warp knitting. Knitted fabrics are generally comfortable, lightweight, and can be made more easily and quickly that woven fabrics, with which they are often used interchangeably.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Dermatological Products Market Assessment & Opportunity Forecast till 2028

    According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, Melanoma is the 15th most commonly occurring cancer worldwide, nearly 300,000 new cases were registered in 2018. Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands accounted for the highest rate of melanoma in 2018. Meanwhile, Melanoma International Foundation states that incidence is rising steadily globally, with one person dying each hour from melanoma.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Gift Packaging Market Led to Achieve Impulsive Growth during Forecast Period, 2018-2028

    The global gift packaging market remains a fragmented landscape, with the top five players accounting for around 9% of the market share in 2017. Leading players in the gift packaging market space are expanding their reach across densely populated emerging economies, to benefit from the booming retail sector. For instance, Hallmark Cards, a key player in the gift packaging market, is vying to capitalize on new opportunities by distributing its products across emerging economies such as India and China.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Refillable Pod Vape Market Estimated to Expand at a CAGR of 18.8% during 2018-2027

    A recent study of Fact.MR estimates sales of pod vapes to reach 500 million units in 2019, and register a Y-o-Y growth of 18.5% over 2018. Growth of the pod vapes market can be attributed to the rising concerns about the adverse impact of smoking on health and availability of a multitude of flavored pod vapes.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Smart Phone Charger Market Evaluation Targets Advancement Anticipated until 2027

    Demand for USB wall chargers is on a persistent rise against the backdrop of short battery lives of the new-age electronic devices. With prolonged use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops in conjunction with evolving hi-tech lives, the multi-port USB wall charger is being rapidly adopted for charging multiple devices at the same time. Compatibility and fast-charging remain two of the key attributes of a multi-port USB wall charger, thereby fostering its overall popularity quo.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Snow Safety Gears Market Exhibits Ardent Revenue Gains Across Major Geographical Regions during 2018

    The report on avalanche airbags market covers detailed portfolio of key participants involved in the manufacturing of avalanche airbags. The competitive landscape section of the avalanche airbags market report covers key aspects such as SWOT analysis, avalanche airbags product portfolio assessment, developments and key strategies. Companies such as ABS Protection GmbH, Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., and Arc’tyrex have been profiled in the report.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Sugar Free Tea Market Study Reveals Growth Factors and Competitive Outlook for Future

    This report on the bottled tea market covers all the vital aspects of the market that hold significant influence on the future progress of the bottled tea market. The bottled tea market analysis covers a thorough analysis of the bottled tea market for the historical period of 2013-2017 and forecast period of 2018-2027.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 05 2019)
  • Allergy Care Market key Insights Based on Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2027

    Allergy care market report offers a scrutinized and detailed analysis on the allergy care market for the period, 2018 to 2027. Key allergy care market growth influencers, such as drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities, along with a detailed segmental analysis of allergy care market have been included for enhanced understanding of the readers apropos of allergy care market.

    (Filed: Thu Jul 04 2019)
  • Cosmetic Wipes Market Investigation and Growth Forecasted Until the End of 2022

    The global cosmetic wipes market is anticipated to benefit from the growing awareness about the wide range of benefits associated with the use of several products offered by vendors. Cosmetic wipes are used for removing makeup, applying deodorants, and similar other purposes. The demand for cosmetic wipes could also increase due to their use in personal cleansing, for drying hands, and even in baby care.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 28 2019)
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