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  • Baby Wipes Industry Valuable Growth Prospects and Future Insights till 2022

    The global baby wipes market is prognosticated to ride on the enhanced functionality of products to draw a large number of consumers. Use of highly absorbent materials that help with easy cleaning could play a significant role in improving the growth of the global baby wipes market. Convenience is a key factor that is expected to propel the demand for baby wipes even more.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 08 2019)
  • Cosmetic Wipes Market Set to Exhibit Momentous Revenue Share at US$ 1.7 Billion by 2022

    The global cosmetic wipes market is anticipated to benefit from the growing awareness about the wide range of benefits associated with the use of several products offered by vendors. Cosmetic wipes are used for removing makeup, applying deodorants, and similar other purposes. The demand for cosmetic wipes could also increase due to their use in personal cleansing, for drying hands, and even in baby care.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 08 2019)
  • Dishwashing Products Market Outlook and Growth Stance Forecasted Through 2022

    The global dishwashing products market is foreseen to witness the prominence of eco-friendly brands as they gain momentum due to increasing environmental issues. However, eco-friendly dishwashing products could remain niche, especially in Western Europe, owing to consumer’s skepticism about their effectiveness and their limited availability. Nevertheless, this trend is expected to change as consumers become largely aware about environmental problems.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 08 2019)
  • Hosiery Market Insights and Assessment of Growth Factors Analyzed until the End of 2022

    The insights drills into key regional and global industry developments that give rise to new prospects and lucrative avenues in the hosiery market. The study looks at the demand dynamics of various product types in the hosiery market such as body stockings, compression stockings, knee highs and hold-ups, stockings, socks, and toe socks.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 08 2019)
  • Furniture Polish Ingredients Market - Valuable Growth Prospects and Insights on Future Scenario

    The report evaluates the demand and consumption trends of various product types in the household polishes market such as woodwork polishes, leather polishes, footwear polishes, and scouring powders and paste. The study takes a closer look at the revenue share of various forms such as liquid, gel and paste, and powder and granules in the household polishes market.

    (Filed: Sun Jul 07 2019)
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